Annnnnd now my head is bleeding

Jul 24 22:06

I really want to make a charity, I’ve been doing research lately and found that there is nothing to help people that have been raped or sexually abused by someone of the same gender. This is extremely upsetting considering the amount of charities there are out there and how specific someone them are, why isn’t there one of this?
I was sexually abused for a variation of two years by another girl but never believed it was wrong until someone told me it was. People similar to me need to know that it does happen, does exist and their not alone. It’s so looked down upon and ‘apparently’ rarely than straight sexual abuse but I think it’s more likely that people don’t realise it’s wrong or are too scared to tell anyone encase they brush it off which is highly likely (trust me, I’ve had various friends and family members, even one counsellor tell me that gay/lesbian rape or abuse doesn’t exist).
It just infuriates me that no one else has thought to help people like me before, unless you went to generalised charity which is more likely to give it’s money to helping straight people as they’re more known.
Just ugh, this needs to exist because it does happen.

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Hickeys are everywhere

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Three days until my hair goes purple! 

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